MEM Bolivia

Irna Dyck

Irna is part of the teaching staff at the Unidad Educativa Brillante school in Hacienda Verde. She also shares her leadership and teaching gifts in working with the youth of the community and in planning special programs and events. She is a member of the Blue Creek EMMC Church in Belize.

Willy & Margaret Enns

Willy and Margaret live in the new community of Hacienda Verde. Willy is pastor of the congregation that meets there and they contribute to community life with their enthusiasm and gifts in hospitality and music. They are members of the EBMC from la Crete, Alberta.

Nancy Friesen

Nancy recently completed a year of Spanish language training and has returned to complement the MEM ministry as a teacher, and adding her experience to help with the ongoing ministry administration and documentation. Her home church is the Taber, Alberta EMC.

Abe & Margaret Harder

Abe and Margaret pastor the church in the community of Villa Nueva near Pailón. Their gifts of leadership development and hospitality are an encouragement to the people in the community and surrounding area. They are members of the Aylmer EMMC church.

Bill Kehler

Bill is the Field Director for the MEM ministry to the Low German people of Bolivia. Along with leading the MEM team of workers Bill provides leadership for the development of the new community of Hacienda Verde near San Jose and to head up the radio station there.

Stanley & Heike Neufeld

Stanley and Heike live in Hacienda Verde. Stanley is in charge of the administrative aspects of land management in this new community and Heike shares her teaching and musical gifts with the children and families. They are from the EMG Church in Sommerfeld Colony, East Paraguay.

Herbert & Alwiera Toews

Herbert and Alwiera are encouragers and helpers to the new families making Hacienda Verde their home. In charge of economic development for the community, and with energy and gifts of music they provide stability for these newcomers. They are from the Menno Colony in Paraguay’s Chaco.

Mary Bartch

Mary Bartsch is from the Winkler, Manitoba area. She has been accepted as a short-term teacher at the Villa Nueva school in Bolivia. Mary left for Bolivia on January 21, 2019 and will be there until the end of the school year, which concludes in November.

Benny & Ester Fehr

Benny and Ester Fehr and their four children have made the move to Bolivia where they have been assigned to lead the radio ministry for the MEM (Misión Evangélica Menonita) in the San Jose and Hacienda Verde area. They will also be working part-time with the youth in the Hacienda Verde church.

The Fehrs’ are members of the Mount Salem Community Church (EMC) in southern Ontario, where they have served as Pastor of Care. They serve under EMC Missions.

Jacabo & Aganetha Wiebe

Jacobo and Aganetha Wiebe and their children are new to the MEM Team. They are making their home in Hacienda Verde. Jacobo works with education in the Unidad Educativa Brillante school. Their home church is the Mennoniten Gemeinde zu Blumenau, Chihuahua, Mexico.

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